Lancing based Eschmann Technologies is a design and manufacturing business providing medical, dental and animal health products and services to clinical professionals and organisations around the world.

During 2022, Eschmann Technologies established a ‘Go Green’ task force to identify ways to improve green credentials and energy efficiency. All lights were switched to LED, with recycling stations being set around the office. Eschmann are also switching their company vehicles over to electric. With windows being identified as a key way to save energy and lower carbon footprint, the company decided to replace windows.

Installing high energy efficient windows 

Louise Blunden, Financial Transactions Manager at Eschmann Technologies, said:

We identified the building windows as an area we could significantly improve our energy efficiency.  The building covers approximately 13,200 sq ft, of which 3,500 sq ft of this is windows.  The windows are more than 20 years old, the glass predates the modern glass energy rating standard. Many of our opening windows are broken and no longer fit in the frames correctly which has been creating draughts and heat loss. We’ve recognised that the glass needs to be replaced with glass that has a high energy efficiency rating and the broken frames need to be updated. The overall goal for replacing the windows is to reduce our carbon footprint and lower our energy bills.