Crawley based Naked Energy is a technology, design and engineering business, leading the global innovation in solar heat and solar PVT. Naked Energy’s vision is ‘changing energy for good’, by displacing fossil fuel in commercial and industrial buildings globally through the deployment of its high impact, cost effective and versatile solar heat and power technologies. 

Naked Energy’s high energy density solutions are capable of decarbonising heat cost-effectively and with limited space; delivering up to four times the carbon savings per m2 in comparison to conventional PV solar.

Sustainability for all

Naked Energy are focused on driving sustainability for all stakeholders. All their operations and business practices are grounded in sustainability principles. Naked Energy are committed to offering safe jobs with fair wages and making their hiring process fully inclusive. Naked Energy’s services are delivered in a way that minimises the environmental impact and promotes business integrity by following their ‘Recycle, Reuse, Reduce’ practices. 

Accelerating the transition to net zero carbon

Naked Energy are focused on decarbonising heat for their customers through the deployment of their Virtu product range. They aim to displace = 100 k tonnes of CO2 in five years by removing fossil fuels from the global commercial and industrial space through the deployment of high impact, cost effective and versatile solar heat and power technologies. 

An example of their work can be seen in the decarbonisation of the Westgate Leisure Centre in Chichester. It is a publicly owned multi-function gym and health facility in Southeast England. The thermal demand for heating the swimming pool, providing hot shower facilities led the Chichester District Council to investigate alternatives to natural gas while still meeting energy demand.

420 VirtuHOT solar thermal collectors are now the primary source of pool heating. The VirtuHOT solar thermal collectors combine with PV panels, two Air Source Heat Pumps, and a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit on site. Virtu was installed by Naked Energy delivery partners OHM Energy and Solar UK.

Featured image: Picture of the VirtuHOT installation at the Westgate Leisure Centre