Northstar IT provides B2B IT support across the Southeast. The company has recently installed solar panels on their office roof.

Christian Fleming, Managing Director, said:

“We’ve had solar PV installed on the roof of our office building, one benefit being that we will save a significant amount of money on our growing energy bill as the sun starts shining more.”

“Minus our staffing costs and things like keeping our company vehicle fleet going, one of our biggest overheads is energy. Being able to decrease the carbon footprint and increase our green energy credentials is a good thing for business. I want to make sure that we’re making a commitment for the long term.”

I do think that there are a growing number of businesses out there that want to increase their own green credentials, not only from reducing their own carbon footprint but by engaging with suppliers and services that are doing the same thing. I believe that there is a marketing opportunity for the business by promoting the fact that we are making investments in this area. We are making a long-term investment in our own assets.”