Nestled in the South Downs, Tottington Manor is a venue, restaurant and hotel. They’ve been able to cut their energy bills through a range of green upgrades to their premises and equipment.

Steve Pomery, Co-owner, said:

“We put a smart lighting system in across the hotel so that we could control the lighting at different times of the day, particularly at night-time. It’s more economical as it uses less power at that level, and it’s automatic. At night-time we have to keep lighting on all night long in common areas for staff and guests – we’ve reduced this lighting by about 40%.” 

Smart heating and modern kitchen equipment

“We added smart thermostat valves to our radiators so that we can program them so it changes their set temperature at various times of the day. The third element was we eliminated gas in the kitchen. We switched over to induction hobs. They are electric and ultimately the hobs only ask for heat when they are being used. We also got rid of a few old freezers and fridges and swapped them for more economical ones. These are much more efficient.”

“By getting the little ones under way, we can start to see the savings come in. We can use these savings to reinvest in future projects, it’s given us that boost to get us started. The savings we get will eventually make getting solar installation achievable. We have accelerated by a couple years in terms of where we would otherwise got to.”