Established in 1994 in Chichester, Waterscan set out to change the way businesses think about water. Since then, the company has consistently innovated to go on to become the driving force for sustainable water use in the non-household sector.

Sustainable water management

Waterscan works with many of the UK’s biggest organisations across retail, industrial manufacturing, food and drink manufacturing, hospitality and leisure, transport and logistics, business services and the public sector, to help them be more water efficient. In doing so, they achieve considerable consumption and cost savings and resilience to the impacts of climate change, while protecting our most critical natural resource for future generations.

The company constantly looks at ways that it can reduce the environmental impacts of its own operations in line with its integrated Management System aligned to ISO14001. Waterscan have now installed solar panels which, as pictured, will deliver around 35% of its energy requirements. Within a month of installation, the company was using very little energy from the national grid.

Waterblade solar panels on roof

Neil Pendle, Managing Director at Waterscan, said:

“Our business is firmly rooted in the need for all companies to conduct themselves in an environmentally responsible manner, so it’s incredibly important that we drive continual improvements in sustainability across our own operations.”