Willard Conservation is a pioneer in tools and equipment for the restoration and preservation of fine art, textiles, and historic media. Widely adopted in top galleries and museums globally, their craftsmanship is celebrated for accuracy and longevity.

Willard’s are dedicated to the production of responsibly sourced products in a workshop that is actively limiting its environmental impact through a number of strategic and measurable initiatives, evidenced by Planet Mark certification. Committed to reducing carbon emissions, they’ve joined the SME Climate Hub and support the Eden Project.

Locally, they’ve adopted a beehive at a Chichester honey farm, contributing to a growth in pollinator numbers and a balanced ecosystem. They’ve fully insulated their premises and installed 68 solar panels, generating 36Kwh. They prioritise the use of recycled or biodegradable materials in all of their packaging. Willard’s quality engineering ensures their products are long-lasting and environmentally responsible.

Paul Willard, Managing Director, said:

“We embraced the opportunity of being able to generate our own electricity via a PV solar installation, we combined this with the installation of LED lighting & added insulation throughout our workshops which has resulted in us becoming very nearly 100% self sufficient. I would encourage all businesses to conduct a sustainability review it can actually result in long term cost savings whilst significantly improving the environment.”